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De Winput

This is an outstanding nature zone in Lage Zwaluwe that was created in 1966 while sand and ground were extracted there to build and fill in the polder zone of Kwistgeldpolder in Lage Zwaluwe. Two residential areas were built on this new piece of land afterward: Ameroever and Princehil. When the extractions stopped, the hole filled up with water and wildlife took back her space, creating a nice nature zone. Currently, the Winput is also used as a recreation zone for fishing and swimming.

On the water, different kind of ducks are passing like the Eurasian teal and the crested duck. In spring, you can hear or even spot a bluethroat.

This unique nature zone is very well appreciated by birds’ spotters.

Did you know that:

The Winput is “our” happy place.


The route of happy places passes 6 happy places, chosen in 2019 by the inhabitants of the municipality of Drimmelen: the old city hotel square (Made), ‘Onze Kerk’ ancient church (Hooge Zwaluwe), the beaver’s path (Drimmelen), the Winput (Lage Zwaluwe), the water piece Put (Wagenberg) and the old fortress Schans (Terheijden). These places contribute to the happiness of us all. A place where you like to be, to share or where you feel pride and happiness, a place where you get new ideas and energy. At every stop through the happy places route, you can read the explanation why this place special is to some inhabitants.


Looking for a special funny activity? Have a tour on the bike and visit the 6 happy places of the municipality! Read more information and news for each village on: Flyers are available at our place, BijOns.

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